URGENT: You’re Part of This Now.



I’m Christovoe, a musician with a secret: my music controls minds. Now, Agency 2 wants that power.


If you’re reading this, then they haven’t found me.


But this website is under constant attack. The agency wants to capture and control people like me. If the site goes down, look for my updates in the usual spots.


To my allies, I’m still free. But we need more help.


Dive into the “story” folder to catch up. Stay sharp. More updates are coming.


This is about freedom. Ours. Yours.


Act now.



fucked up government agent and monster from somewhere fucked up


Joseph Gore



Director Gore

Agent Gore

Agent Acid



Joseph Gore is the current director of Agency 2, an unacknowledged Special Access Program responsible for Advanced Experimental Propaganda Programs (AEPPs) including Operation Dead Heads: the acquisition and utilization of musicians with special abilities. His primary focus is on capturing these individuals and using them to control the minds of the masses through propaganda and psychological manipulation.


Gore, a highly dangerous individual with a long history in intelligence and covert ops, is believed to be working on a SAP to capture and exploit Christovoe, a musician with extraordinary mind-control abilities. Gore’s reputation for ruthlessness and history of unethical practices make it crucial to locate and protect Christovoe from falling into the wrong hands.



Director Gore is currently at large, and his activities are closely monitored by the intelligence community. His reputation as a dangerous and unpredictable agent makes him a high-priority target for law enforcement, and all necessary measures will be taken to ensure his apprehension and the protection of potential targets such as Christovoe.


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Music artist, early thirties,

Christovoe has the extraordinary ability to manipulate the human mind with music. 

The extent of his powers is still being studied, and his potential to be used for covert operations has not gone unnoticed by Director Gore and other shadowy figures in the intelligence community.



Current whereabouts unknown.

It is believed that Christovoe is currently in hiding, as his unique talents have made him the target of numerous investigations and manhunts. Despite the danger he may pose, it is also rumored that Christovoe has sympathizers within certain circles of the government who seek to protect him from exploitation by Director Gore and others who would use his powers for nefarious purposes.